Our Mission


An event planning company strives to provide Qatar’s events industry with a more streamlined and luxurious experience when it comes to event design and outfitting.

By utilizing an innovative partner strategy and a focus on the customer, this company provides event owners with the freedom to focus on what matters while leaving the logistics to be handled by experts.

Arc Eve is also committed to providing only the highest quality workforce for each event, in order to maintain its brand promise and quality standards. 

This allows for truly elevated service quality in the local market.

Why We’re Right for You


One-stop Shop

Event planning can be both time-consuming and frustrating for customers. We’re here to eliminate the extra layers of research - and present a single, convenient interface to customers.

Customer focus

our customer-focused model ensures that not only they are empowered with choice, thanks to our extensive partner network, but also that their interests remain the first priority - in terms of pricing, quality, adherence to timelines and never compromising on vision due to limited availability of vendor options. 

Innovative partner strategy

our exhaustive set of diverse, experienced, and market-leading service providers ensures we have a streamlined solution for every type, level, and degree of sophistication of event requirements.